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We do a free home evaluation to identify your specific issues. such as animal identification, points of entry, and damages caused.

Skunk Trapping And Removal in Nashville

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Protecting your home from home invasion wildlife is important.

So are the guarantees.

We offer a full lifetime guarantee on all damage control work that we do

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Propose a resolution

We realize that no two homes are built the same so we will offer ways of resolving your specific issues both from a construction stand point as well as wildlife invasion

Robert Sleigh's Animal Issues helped remove my raccoons from my attic, replaced the torn up duct work and ruined insulation and filed everything through my insurance for me. now my house is back to normal again! Thanks, Robert Sleigh's Animal Issues

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Robert Sleigh's Animal Issues

Robert Sleigh
Wildlife Specialist

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Keagan Sleigh

Construction Tech

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Service Manager

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Office Manager

Caring for wildlife animals isn't easy, but it's worth it!


Your team of expert wildlife specialists at Robert Sleigh's Animal Issues are passionate about wildlife animals and love their jobs because they can remove them safely and release them back in the wild where they belong.


Robert Sleigh's Animal Issues's mission is to deliver the best and safest Skunk Trapping and Removal in Nashville for the homeowners, occupants, and their children while remaining compassionate towards the animals and their young as well. Caring for animals is such a rewarding job, and we take it seriously.

We also offer gauranteed results on the following;

*Squirrel trapping and removal in Nashville and surrounding areas

*Raccoon trapping and removal in Nashville and surrounding areas

*Possum trapping and removal in Nashville and surrounding areas

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